Advertising is a new student social network that helps students connect with each other for a variety of purposes. 


Students create a profile detailing their location, university/college, course name, year of study and whether they are an overseas student or home student.  Our profile builder therefore allows us to be able to offer to corporate clients targetted advertising according to geographical location, level of study and whether they are overseas students or home students.  




Our current student breakdown is detailed below:


51%  Male

49%  Female


78%  Undergraduate

12%  Postgraduate

10%  Other (Foundation, Diploma, English Language)


71%  UK Students

19%  Overseas students studying in the UK

10%  Other nationality students (USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand)




We offer the following types of advertising:


1.  Email marketing (average open rates around 35%)

2.  Display advertising (see sample profiles for an example)

3.  Home page display advertising

4.  App advertising 



Advertising Rates


1.  Direct email send out from £0.10 per email address

2.  Side Panel advert internal pages: £100 per month

3.  Home page: Top Panel £200 per month.  Side Panel £300 per month

4.  App advertising:  Login £100 per month.  Open app  £200 per month.  Home Screen £200 per month 


Discounts will be offered for multiple adverts



If you are interested in finding out how we can assist you with your marketing campaign then please email