Safety Tips


Connect2Students provides an online environment for you to connect with other students that you may not meet at your own college or university. If you are using this site to connect with other students for a date it is important that you do so safely, these guidelines are written to help you to think carefully about how you approach meeting new people either online or face to face.

This may be the first online site you have used to look for a date, so although a lot of the guidelines listed below are common sense take the time to read it.


Profile content

The vast majority of students using this site will be genuine students, however there is no guarantee that everyone is going to be sincere and well intentioned so when writing your profile don't include any information that could be used for identity theft such as:

- Home addresses

- Mobile numbers

- Email addresses

- Credit card details

- Bank account details

- Date of birth

- Specific places or times you regularly go out


Genuine Students

When a student first registers on this site they must use a bonafide email address that has been given to them by a university or college. However no guarantee can be given that every member on this site will be a student or is still a student as some may have graduated and moved on to employment.


Messaging and Chatting

If you are sending messages or using the chat facility discontinue if you think the other student:

• is not telling the truth

• has made inappropriate remarks or requests

• has asked for personal information


Making arrangements to meet

Don’t at any time feel that you have to meet any of the students you chat to on line. If you do decide to meet a student then consider the following:

• take time to chat to them online and also on the phone

• meet in a public place such as on campus or in the student union and don't accept an invite to their accommodation until you get to know them well.

• don't give them your address until you get to know and trust them.

• always make your own transport arrangements to and from the place you are going to meet

• tell a friend who you are meeting and where. Text them when you arrive and leave or phone them.

• when you meet do not stay if you are not comfortable. You don't need to give any reason, just walk away.


Drugs and Alcohol

It goes without saying to avoid both when you are meeting a new person.



for a tea/coffee is quite acceptable.


Respect the other student

Most likely the other student you are meeting is going to be as apprehensive as you so respect this and don't push them into anything that they are not comfortable with.