Earn up to £1000 or $1000 as a Student Ambassador


We are looking for motivated students interested in promoting our new website and app to their student friends and earning up to £1000 or $1000 depending on your location.


All that is required is simple promotion - you just need to tell your friends about and encourage them to register on the site and create a profile. For each student who registers correctly on the site you will earn £5 or $5 subject to getting a minimum of 10 students.


You will be given a unique voucher code to give to your friends, which they must put in the “voucher code” box when they first register to be counted as your referral, usually this is your first name or a nick name that you are known by.  Alternatively once you have created your own profile on the site you can share a link to the webiste through Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin.  Any student who clicks on the link you have shared and then registers on the site will be counted towards your target.  It is important to note that if you are sharing a link through social media you do it by clicking on one of the social media icons at the bottom of the webpage on the site (see the example at the bottom of this page) as this is the only way our database will be able to link any new registrations to you.  If you share a link on social media through clicking on one of the icons on the website you don't need to mention your unique voucher code.  Our app does not have this facility so please share the link through the website once you are logged in.


For students to be counted towards your target they must use their university provided email address that will contain either ".ac" or .edu" within the address.  This is to prove they are a genuine student.  They must also verify their email address so that their profile is live and complete the mandatory fields in their profile such as country, city, course name, university name as well as post their face pic.  University provided email addresses can be changed to personal email addresses after registering on the site if your friends would prefer to link their personal email address to their profile.


You will be given 30 days to reach a target of 200 students and earn £1000 or $1000.  You need to get a minimum of 10 correctly registered students to qualify for any remuneration.  If you get between 1- 9 students to register in the 30 day period then you will not qualify for any payment.  If you get 10 students you will receive £50/$50 and £5/$5 for each additional student thereafter up to a maximum of £1000 or $1000.  


The Student Ambassador role is open to any student.  All payments will be made by bank transfer within 7 working days from the end of your 30 day promotional period.  


To apply to be a Student Ambassador please email using your university provided email address detailing your full name, address, contact telephone number, university and course name plus a short statement why you are confident that you could get a minimum of 10 students to join Connect2Students.  You must already have your own profile on the site to demonstrate that you understand what can do to help and assist students.


There are multiple positions available.  So if you are looking to earn some extra money and think you can get a minimum of 10 students to register on the site then send us an email today.